The Best Gifts For Executives

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to presents is shopping gifts for executives. It is essential striking a balance between form, functionality, and usability. You should try to find something that your executive might not buy for himself. 

That’s why we are going to help you narrow down this choice. For further ideas, check out our list.

Bluetooth wireless headphone

Headphones are an excellent choice for executives who spend a lot of time at the gym. Some models are connected by a flat cable that goes behind the head. It facilitates the movement so that he can move from one machine to another.

They also feature a built-in mic and Bluetooth wireless, which means he can listen to music and take calls from a mobile device. However, a mobile device must be within 30 meters. The headphones also have installed controls such as volume, play, and pause.

This gadget is exceptionally lightweight, convenient, and provides an excellent sound quality.

Wine gift set

Is your executive a wine lover? Why not giving him a premium wine set? For example, you can choose the Finca Altamira 2012 and Finca Bella Vista 2012. These two are one of the most exquisite Argentine wine, both highly ranked by Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate Robert Parker.

The Finca Altamira got 93 points, and Finca Bella Vista received 93 points. You won’t make a mistake with this wine set, and we are sure your executive will love it.


Another gift for an executive is a smartwatch. You can consider purchasing the Pebble, a Bluetooth device that is compatible with iOS and Android. It features a nifty magnetic charger, and you can buy it in different styles and colors.

The Pebble comes preloaded with eight watch faces. However, you can get even more options online. It also comes with an onboard music controller, and you can read messages as well. The watch will show emails, SMS, Caller ID, and other notifications. When there is an incoming call, the watch starts to vibrate and displays the name of the caller.


If your executive is into gadgets and likes trying new things, then the drone will be an excellent choice for him. You can choose the Solo, which has twin Linux computers installed and has enough strength to power GoPro cameras and stream HD video.

However, Solo isn’t an everyday lightweight drone. It is bigger and heavier than many other commercial drones. The estimated flight time is 25 minutes and up to 20 minutes with GoPro attached

It comes equipped with GPS and user can program the drone for flights, while photos and videos remain active.


Men in power love organization and control. That’s why this attractive folio holds all essential things and allows them to move from one meeting to another without missing an item. The leatherback has a compartment for cash, cards, notepad, and smartphone.

It’s made from Italian leather, so it provides heavy-duty protection and sleek exterior.