Mistakes To Avoid When Giving Corporate Gifts

Offering gifts is a kind gesture, and everyone loves receiving presents. But, sometimes we tend to make mistakes, and despite your best intention, they can send the wrong message. That’s why take a sticky notes organizer and start writing down.

You have to be careful because a wrong corporate gift can worse than no gift at all. Regardless of the money, you might even lose business partners. So, here are some common mistakes we see people making with corporate presents, so make sure to avoid them.

Don’t play favorites

Corporate gifts are often given to a group, either you have one worker or a group of employees. So, as much as possible, make sure not to play favorites when giving corporate gifts.

First of all, you need to give everyone a present and try to provide the same gifts, as much as you can. You should cover the entire company and don’t miss anyone out. To be sure that everyone is satisfied, you should buy gifts suitable for everyone.

You can go even one step further and personalize your gifts. You can print a name, or add a personal message that will make your present even more appealing.

Cheap gifts

If you want to impress your clients or employees, then you need to avoid giving cheap presents. If your gift looks inexpensive, then it will lose its purpose in the first place.

All your loyal clients and even hard-working employees deserve a chance to feel special. In this case, you can show gratitude through a corporate gift. You shouldn’t gamble with their trust and respect.

Don’t go for expensive gifts

The cost of the gift plays a crucial role, and you should pay attention to price. Giving too expensive gifts can have the same effect as the cheap one. So, plan your budget and make it realistic. That’s why you should avoid spending too much or too little money on corporate presents.

Ignoring their interests

Many people in the business world offer traditional corporate gifts. However, it’s even worse to provide a gift that doesn’t match their interests. So, it might be a good idea to get familiar with your clients and employees, find about their hobbies and interests.

This will help you understand them better as human beings. For example, if your client is a 30-year old man chance are he won’t appreciate a gift card for a spa, he, might, however, be fonder of Columbian cigarettes.

Religious beliefs

Don’t assume that everyone is Christians and that they celebrate Christian holidays. Some of them might have different religious beliefs, and you should be aware of them.

If you offer them a gift they can’t apprentice because of religion, then you can create a lot of tension. For example, you won’t give a bottle of scotch to a Muslim. To avoid these kinds of situations, you have to be informed before offering a gift. Ask around the office, or try to find more information about your client.