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Shipping delays can be quite inconvenient, especially if you are sending gifts. However, it’s crucial to trust a courier service to deliver your package on time. So, here is a couple of them, which will fulfill your expectations.

Lexington Logistics

We all want the same day delivery, but not many businesses offer such service, which is not the case with Lexington Logistics. You can expect the trustworthy shipment and punctuality combined with highly trained professional to ensure the safety of your package.

The leading provider and one of the largest companies in the shipping industry, the YRCW deserves your trust. It’s specialized in shipping commercial, industrial, and retail goods and packages. Considering it’s one of the pioneers on the market, it will provide trustworthy and reliable service.

the UPS is quite popular among Americans, and it’s a United States delivery company with global operations. It’s considered to be one of the best express services in the world.

Located in Texas, FedEx is a worldwide courier and one of the top rated shipping services in the world. With them, your packages are secure and delivered on time.

The main competitor to FedEx, DHL Express is a world famous company and the best delivery company when it comes to the air of the sea. Their services are available worldwide and even provide services in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.