Best Tree to give as a Gift Because Trees are Green Gold

In the holiday season, people wonder and plan – they can’t think of the right gift to give their family and friends – they’re so tired of soaps, socks, DVDs, watches….  

But did you ever think about something as lovely and long-lasting as a tree?

And particularly when friends or family are moving home, or they love gardening or nature – a tree is a special, interesting and unique plant that adds beauty to the home and of course will keep your memory going for a long time in someone’s heart!

Here is something really special

According to Stratton Landscaping, This plant that we are going to tell you about right now – your friend or family member is simply going to adore – it’s beautiful, it’s eye-catching and smells so good.

Let us introduce you to the Japanese Paperbush, otherwise known as the Edgeworthia tomentosa; it’s truly special.

  • It’s a deciduous shrub that will reach about 7 feet eventually and about 5 feet across.
  • During wintertime, it will be full of large flowers which hang from the branches and which will be covered in long silvery hairs – doesn’t that sound just magical? Then as soon as winter starts to fade and as it starts getting warmer, the flower buds start to turn upwards, opening up into clusters of yellow and white tubular flowers. You get an extra bonus thrown in because the fragrance is something that is absolutely delicious; that you can smell across the entire garden. What an amazing effect these flowers clusters have, with that bright splash of yellow on the bare branches- it’s absolutely stunning – there won’t be many of your friends who see it that won’t comment on something so stunning. 
  • People who know this tree say it looks like the tree has bright light bulbs on it. One thing is sure to happen; all your friends and family will wonder why you didn’t think about getting them this delightful plant.
  • Naturally, anyone who sees such a gorgeous tree with such magnificent flowers will think that it is a very high maintenance type of tree that will need special pampering, special foods, special maintenance, and that even with all that pampering, it might not last. But wrong! The Paperbush is a toughie, being quite hardy if it is planted in a sheltered spot, thriving in the warmer areas. If you have good well-drained soil, the tree will grow in either the sun or the shade.
  • Like any shrub, tree, or flower, the Japanese Paperbush needs TLC to bring out its best. After all, they are living things, so some nice organic mulch over its roots in spring keeps it moist and protected, and you are going to be rewarded with this happy tree. Not only will it reward the receiver of this tree by looking amazing in the springtime, but it will produce large and bluish-green leaves all through the summer, making its leafy presence known in anyone’s garden.

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